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Our internet providers, Melbourne IT, cancelled our websites in error on Friday (Jan. 29). They admit it is their mistake, but they are compounding the error by fumbling about, trying to get our email services restored. They are not very good at it. In the meantime, please send emails to: localmedia@live.com.au 




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The National Observer is published monthly, February-December. 
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Inside National Observer is the popular Travel Monthly section which started publication in September 2002.
The publication is available in the circulation areas of the Melbourne Observer, Sydney News and Brisbane Sun, and has a potential readership of 105,000 people.



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Hit your target market with the National Observer

An advertising campaign in the National Observer extends powerfully across the east coast of Australia. Our publication is available in the Melbourne Observer, Sydney News and Brisbane Sun. This means a potential readership of 105,000 people.. These people alos read the newspapers, free, online - at this website.

The National Observer is most powerful in two key demographics: the 29-54 and the 55-and-over age groups. We tend to reach a higher-spending readership. Our readers are no fools when it comes to spending decisions, but when they do decide to buy, they spend well. Our readers are big travellers, particularly in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Women comprise 72 per cent of our readership.

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